Quotes on Good Friday

Quotes on Good Friday

Father, into your hands I compliment my soul.

Good Friday isn't about us attempting to 'get right with God.' It is about us entering the contrast among God and mankind and simply contacting it briefly. Contacting the shining bitterness of humankind's demand that we can be our own divine beings, that we can be unadulterated and all-strong. 

The cross was two bits of dead wood; and a vulnerable, docile Man was nailed to it; yet it was mightier than the world, and prevailed, and will at any point win over it. 

Our old history closes with the cross; our new history starts with the revival. 

By the cross we, as well, are killed with Christ; however alive in Christ. We are no more radicals, however workers; no more workers, yet children!" 

No aggravation, no palm; no thistles, no lofty position; no nerve, no greatness; no cross, no crown. 

We might express that on the primary Great Friday evening was finished that extraordinary demonstration by which light vanquished haziness and goodness vanquished sin. That is the miracle of our Rescuer's execution. 

It was unavoidable that Jesus Christ ought to be killed. The fact that He ought to rise again makes it furthermore inescapable. 

To heavenly individuals the actual name of Jesus is a name to take care of upon, a name to move. His name can raise the dead and change and embellish the living. 

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